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Trangia Mini Trangia 28-T Backpacking Stove

Trangia Mini Trangia 28-T Backpacking Stove

10/10 based on 1 Review
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Trangia Mini Trangia 28-T Backpacking Stove

- 1 Burner Stove

Compact and lightweight, this stove is perfect for the minimalist hiker that still enjoys a hot meal. Includes: alcohol burner, 0.8-liter aluminum pot, wind shield, pot lifter and nonstick fry pan that doubles as a lid. Made of high-quality brass, the alcohol burner requires no pumping or preheating, simply strike a match and light. Cook at a boil or a simmer, slide the simmer ring over the burner to adjust the flame. Trangia stoves burn denatured alcohol, non-explosive, easy to find, odorless and environmentally friendly. SKU: 657906


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Trangia Mini Trangia 28-T Backpacking Stove Rating: 10 out of 10 based on 1 Review

Michael wrote:

This little stove is extremely easy to use and I like not having to carry around liquid propane. Like Ken said, you can find the fuel at Walmart, as well as sporting good stores like Dicks or Bass Pro Shops. I've gotten so used to this stove I sometimes use at home when I want a cup of tea instead of using my electric strove. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a small ultra-portable easy to use stove. 10/10 Stars

Ken wrote:

I've found it in the camping section of Walmart.

Adam wrote:

I'm interesting in getting this stove for backpacking but I don't know where I can find this denatured alcohol. Is this something common? I've never seen it.

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