Gerber Suspension Review

Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

7/10 Based on Ken's Review
The Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool Is at Bass Pro Shops for $40
Gerber Suspension Muti Tool

Today I'm reviewing the Gerber Suspension Multi Tool which I purchased from Dick's Sporting Goods for around $40.

I've used this tool on many camping trips and find it to be a contender to the Leatherman Blast which can be purchased for around the same amount of money.

The main benefit of the Gerber Suspension over the Leatherman Blast is that you can access the various tools without having to open the pliers. Other than that, the Leatherman Blast excels in most areas with better scissors, an easier unlocking mechanism, a better Philips head screwdriver, longer knife, longer saw, and the addition of a file.

The Suspension's tools are closable after you depress tabs on the side. It's a bit difficult and has cracked my nail a few times trying to close a tool. The Leatherman Blast also fits into a pocket a bit easier than the Gerber Suspension because of a smaller size and weight.

Gerber Suspension Muti Tool Gerber Suspension Muti Tool Gerber Suspension Muti Tool Gerber Suspension Muti Tool


  • Ability to access tools without opening pliers


  • Difficult unlocking mechanism compared with the Leatherman Blast
  • Infererior philips head screw driver, scissors, and shorter blades than the Leatherman Blast

I'd recommend the Gerber Suspension Multi Tool if you need to access your tools vary quickly without opening the pliers. Otherwise I think the Leatherman Blast is a better choice.

Gerber Suspension Multi Tool
May 22th, 2013
7/10 stars
The Gerber Suspension Multi Tool is a well made and rugged multi tool I often take on camping trips. Tools are accessable without opending the plyers, and it slides easily into a pocket or the included case.

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