Goal Zero Switch Review

Today I'm reviewing the goal zero switch which I purchased from REI for $50.


The switch is meant to be a power source for your gadgets when solar power isn't an option. It can be charged from any of the goal zero solar chargers such as the Nomad 7, or can be charged easily from any USB port. In my test, the Switch took approximately four hours to charge from the Goal Zero Nomad solar charger in direct sunlight. Charging time from my MacBook was approximately one hour.

These types of battery packs are ideal for charging cell phones and other small electronics and the Goal Zero Switch performs marginally well, however; the Switch is by no means the only battery pack on the market. Some of the Switches greatest competition comes from Duracell, who offers a range of options in both battery capacity and price.

The photo to the left is from our hike at Prettyboy Reservoir, Maryland. The Switch will give you enough power to make a call if you happen to notice your phone is dead while out on a hike, as we often do.


  • Convenient size & clean look.
  • Easy to use


  • Battery meter doesn’t work while charging a device.
  • The lights for the remaining power supply on the Switch do not work while charging your device. There’s no way to know when the unit has been exhausted besides looking at your phone or other device and seeing that it’s no longer charging, or that charging has become sporadic.

  • The Switch cannot fully charge either smartphone I tested.
  • The Switch brought the Samsung Galaxy S4 from 10% to 50% before it was drained, and took the Iphone 5s from 18% to 67% battery life before depleted. After 60% the battery supply was not constant. The phone kept saying it was off power and then back on power and then back off, up until 67% where it was happening so frequently I ended the test. Each smartphone has a different minimum power required for the phone to think it's still charging. It would be nice if the Switch accommodated for this.


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