Hydration Pack Reviews

Hydration packs below are ordered by price.

Bass Pro Shops XPS 15L Hydration Pack - $24.99
Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 Hydration Pack - $30
Bass Pro Shops XPS 2 Liter Hydration Pack - $34.99
CamelBak Unbottle Hydration Pack - $49.95
High Sierra Soaker 70 Hydration Pack - $49.99
High Sierra Quickshot 70 Hydration Pack - $54.99
Badlands Reactor Hydration Pack - $69.99
High Sierra Longshot 70 Hydration Pack - $69.99
CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack - $69.99
CamelBak Cloud Walker Hydration Pack - 70 fl. oz. - $80.00
CamelBak Day Star Hydration Pack - 70 fl. oz. - $80.00
CamelBak Magic Hydration Pack - $84.95
Timberhawk Spike Pack Hydration Pack - $84.99
CamelBak Gambler Hydration Pack - $89.95
CamelBak Helena Hydration Pack - $99.95
CamelBak L.U.X.E. Hydration Pack - $99.95
CamelBak Octane LR Hydration Pack - $100
CamelBak Rim Runner Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $100.00
The North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Pack - 70 fl. oz. - $100.00
CamelBak Spark 10 LR Hydration Pack - $109.95
CamelBak Highwire 20 Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $110.00
CamelBak Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $115.00
CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $115.00
CamelBak Octane 18X Hydration Pack - $120.00
CamelBak Highwire 25 Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $125
Salomon Synapse 15 Hydration Pack - $125
The North Face Torrent 12 Hydration Pack - $130.00
Osprey Mira 18 Hydration Pack - Women's - 100 fl. oz. - $139.00
CamelBak Aventura Hydration Pack - $140
CamelBak Fourteener 26 Hydration Pack - $140.00
Gregory Tempo 8 Hydration Pack - $149.00
Osprey Manta 28 Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $149.00
Osprey Manta 36 Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz. - $159.00
Osprey Mira 34 Hydration Pack - Women's - 100 fl. oz. - $159.00
CamelBak Vista FT 33 Hydration Pack - 100 fl. oz - $195

The Items I incorporate into the overall rating of hydration packs include:

The Water system:

I initially begin my test with how well the water system is designed. Does the vessel leak? Is water easily liberated from the container through the bite valve? What kind of restraint system is used to keep the water vessel in place? Does water slosh around while you run? I also compare these ratings to previously reviewed hydration packs in order to normalize the data. If they all suffer from a certain fundamental problem then the rating won't be affected as drastically.

Water Taste

While it could be argued that water taste should be included in an evaluation of the water system, I like to give it a separate rating since it is so important to me in deciding on a particular hydration packs. Some packs seem like the plastic taste never goes away while others never have any plastic taste to begin with. This is a main priority for me and therefore factors heavily into my ratings.

Backpack Functionality:

The third area I look at in reviewing hydration packs is how well the device serves as a backpack. Can you only store water? How many various compartments are there? Is the water kept in a separate watertight compartment? Can you hike and run comfortably? What kind of material is the pack made of?


One factor that can significantly sway the rating is price. Is there a pack that does everything this pack does yet is significantly cheaper? If so, it will negatively impact the rating of the more expensive hydration pack.