Leatherman Style CS Review

Leatherman Style CS

9/10 Based on Ken's Review
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This is Anna's review of the Leatherman Style CS:

I first decided I wanted my own multi tool the summer of 2012 after I was tired of asking Kenny to use his. We went to REI and after an hour of talking with the nice gentlemen at the store, I decided on the Leatherman Style CS. I chose the CS because of its small size. I didn't want something bulky. This multi tool has scissors, a knife, a nail file, and one of a women’s best friends, tweezers! (That’s partly what sold me on it).

I have used this tool in various situations including work, scrapbooking, in the car, and especially outdoors for hiking and camping. The tool is very useful for cutting, and the tweezers are great for getting out splinters.

Leatherman Style CS Open Leatherman Style CS scissors Leatherman Style CS In Hand



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Leatherman Style CS Keychain Multi Tool
June 02, 2013
9/10 stars
The Leatherman Style CS Keychain Multi Tool is the perfect multi tool for your keychain. Put it on the ring and forget about it until you need one of the many useful tools.

Cassie wrote:

It's great to get a good review from a woman. I am definitely going to go look at the pink one now, Thanks Anna!

Ken wrote:

I took off 1 point because the knife doesn't have a locking mechanism. Otherwise this multi tool would have gotten a 10 out of 10.

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