Maglite 3D LED Flashlight Review

Maglite 3D LED Flashlight

9/10 Based on Ken's Review
Purchase for $30 From The Home Depot
Maglite 3D LED Flashlight Front View Today I’m reviewing the Maglite 3D LED Flashlight. Mine is black but they come in a variety of colors. I’ve owned this flashlight for a little over a year and can honestly say it’s one of the best flashlights you can buy in the $30 to $40 range.

The flashlight is constructed mostly of aluminum and has the strong and durable feel we’ve come to expect from the Maglite brand.

Light output is 131 lumens, which will last for 79 hours (as stated by the manufacturer) thanks to the use of a single high output LED.

The light from this flashlight is more full spectrum than other flashlights I’ve used, producing a nice white light that accurately illuminates objects.

Many flashlights produce a beam that has a blue hue to it, thus changing the color of whatever it’s shining on.

This flashlight feels like it’s replicating daylight, which is ideal when you’re trying to find something in the dark.


  • 79 hour battery life thanks to LED technology
  • Bright 130 lumens of pure white light with no blue hue
  • Strong and durable aluminum casing


  • Plastic lens cover is more prone to scratching than glass
  • As Joe pointed out in the comment section, this light can't be submerged for prolonged periods

The Maglite Button

Maglite Button

The button of this flashlight is easy to find in the dark and simple to use. One click on and one click off. It simply works, and is much easier than the sliding type button used by some flashlights.

You have the option of depressing the button half way to illuminate a scene while your finger is there, or pressing the button until it clicks to leave the light on until you click the button again.

Light Output

Even though the Maglite 3D is rated at 130 lumens, it greatly outperforms other flashlights in the 130 lumen range. This is due in part to the use of LED technology as well as the “Intelligent Energy Source Management” Maglite employs to balance brightness and battery life.

I find it amazing that a flashlight this bright could run for 79 hours on three D size batteries. It’s no wonder Maglite starting using LED’s in their flashlights.

They’re not only brighter and more energy efficient that traditional bulbs, but they’re also far more resistant to breakage. Years ago, if I dropped my Maglite, it was always the bulb that I had to go and replace. Now that it uses an LED I can drop it all day and just turn it on like nothing happened.

Maglite Parts
The beam of the flashlight is changed from flood to spot by turning the head of the flashlight. All components in the head are removable and replaceable.


Older Maglite flashlights used a glass face. The face in this light is plastic, making it more prone to scratches and scuff marks over time with heavy use and improper storage. It is replaceable if this becomes a problem.

Maglite 3D battery compartment. The inside of the flashlight houses three D batteries and has no parts that can fall out and get lost. When you unscrew the base you simply drop in 3 D size batteries, positive terminal first.

The aluminum is anodized inside and out, making the flashlight very resistant to moisture.

Maglite 3D LED Spring Bottom

There are also two weather seals, one in the base and one in the head of the flashlight. I’ve dropped this light in the water a few times with no ill consequences.

The Standard Strong Maglite Spring

The spring on the base of the flashlight is very large and robust. This means you never have to worry about the batteries not making a good connection with the terminals. The entire circuit is under quite a bit of force once the base is screwed in place.

For someone not used to this type of flashlight it can take a few tries to get the base treaded onto the body of the flashlight. You can see from this image that the spring needs to be compressed quite a way before you get to the threads.

Screwing this flashlight together with the spring under such compression gives me confidence that there will always be a connection with the terminals. Not like some flashlights you have to bang against your hand when the light goes out.

I have to give this light 5 out 5 for durability, light strength, light quality, and battery life. This is simply a great flashlight to have in your camping pack.

Maglite 3D LED Flashlight Review
April 13, 2013
9/10 stars
The Maglite 3D LED flashlight is a well made, durable light with plenty of power and battery life due to LED technology.

Ken wrote:

Hi Joe. Did you check the flashlight for water inside afterwards? The light will remain on even with water inside while it's underwater. It's the constant battery drain and corrosion of internal parts that keep it from working afterwards. Just clean it up and try some new batteries.

Joe wrote:

So I decided to use my maglite as a fish attractor at night. I lowered it about 6 inched below the water and kept it there for about an hour. It worked the whole time but hasn't worked since.

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