Might-D-Light Mini Review

Might-D-Light Mini

9/10 Based on Ken's Review
Might-D-Light Hanging From Tree

Today I'm reviewing the Might-D-Light from Cooper Lighting, which I purchased from Walmart for $19.

I went to the store looking for a work light that I could also take camping and bungee cord to a tree or to the tent. I was amazed when I found a light that not only had built-in bungee cords, but was also magnetic and easily attachable to whatever work surface I'm using.

The Might D Light Mini comes in a few colors. Mine is camouflage but the light also comes in black.

I must say, I'm pretty impressed with this light. I leave it on the refrigerator and find that it's my go-to light when leaving the house to complete some night-time task. Not to mention it's proven to be a great addition to the camping pack.

It's also a great light for working under the car. You can lay one side of the light flat on the ground facing up and then angle the second light wherever you need it. I've been using it more often than my headlamp for under car work.

Might-D-Light Open Might-D-Light Closed Might-D-Light Magnets Might-D-Light Closed Might-D-Light On Fridge Might-D-Light On Table Might-D-Light Package Front Might-D-Light Package Back Might-D-Light Manual Might-D-Light Warranty

  • Built-in Bungee Cords
  • The built-in bungee cords make it very easy to attach this light to anything you want.

  • 3 Strong Magnets
  • 3 rare earth neodymium magnets mean this light can hold up it's own weight either open or even closed. Magnetism is not only about the strength of the magnets, but also the mass of the metal being attracted to. To show how this light will hold to just about any metal I took a picture of the light hanging from just a pair of scissors. You gotta love neodymium magnets.

  • Bright, Wide Angle Ilumination
  • This light can be positioned from closed to 270 degrees, not just 180, but an additional 90 degrees. This means that you're only another 90 degrees away from a full circle of light.

  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • This light has a very low profile. And I must say, It's pretty neat looking even when closed.

  • Toggle Between One Light Or Two
  • In times when you need only one of the lights (sitting on a table perhaps) you can easily toggle between both lights or just one. This saves battery as well lets you guide one beam for detailed table-top work.

  • Runs on three AA Batteries
  • They also make a more powerful rechargeable version but since I was interested in taking the light camping I like the ability of being able to just swap out new batteries when you're off the grid. The rechargeable light has 80 LED's, but is also almost twice as expensive, and I'm not sure it puts out that much more light than this version.

  • Very Versatile
  • You can hang this light from a tree, a vehicle, or anything else you can wrap a bungee around. You can also use the magnets to store it on the side of your fridge, or slap on your car for more light while you fix anything under the hood.

  • Packaging Difficult To Open
  • I took a photo of how the packaging looked after I got the light out, and it's not pretty. I tried to be gentle. The light is bound to the packaging with these plastic straps that you can't cut with a knife. I'm not actually sure what the proper method for removal is. I ended up taking a pair of pliers and just twisting until they broke free. I was concerned about damaging the light but luckily I didn't.

  • Power Button Could Be On The Back
  • This light is great to carry in your hand but requires your second hand to push the power button since the button is on the end of the main cylinder. I can actually do it one handed but it's not easy. It would have been nice if they put the power button on the back of one of the arms, an area easily accessible to your thumb while carrying the light.

I definitely recommend this light! I took off one star for the cons but neither con is a big issue to me. Just be carful getting the light out of the packaging.

The Might-D-Light Mini is available online at the HomeDepot.com

Might-D-Light By Cooper Lighting
November 14, 2013
9.0/10 stars
The Migh-D-Light By Cooper Lighting is a versatile multi-purpose flood light for all of your working and camping needs. Innovative styling and design makes this light suitable for almost any task.

Erick correa wrote:

Power button went out on my mighty Lite. I do not have my receipt now I must buy another one because I like the light very much

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