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Badlands Kali Hunting Pack for Ladies

Badlands Kali Hunting Pack for Ladies

High performance hunting pack just for females Built to fit a female is body- specialized shoulder straps and hip belt Internal T6 aluminum frame and Hypervent suspensions handles a full load with stability Made to fit a shorter torso and carry load at a lower center of gravity 2500 cubic inches Hydration compatible Because, simply making a hunting pack smaller does not make it a good pack for female hunters, Badlands brings outdoorswomen the Kali Hunting Pack for Ladies. With specialized shoulder straps, more curve in the hip belt, and a lower center of gravity, the Kali is built just for female hunters. Made to fit a shorter torso and carry its load at a lower center of gravity, along with an internal T-6 aluminum frame and Hypervent suspension, the Kali helps female hunters stay comfortable with a full load. Shoulder straps feature a silhouetted shape ensure comfort and performance. The hip belt is made to fit the curve of a woman is hip, eliminating the pain you get from a pack generically designed for all hunters. With 2500 cubic inches of space, the Kali gives you plenty of space to stow your gear. With four compartments and six pockets outside, the Kali makes it easy to keep that gear organized as well. Hydration compatible. Dimensions: 22 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches. Weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz. Imported. Badlands offers the only Unconditional Lifetime Warranty you will find. It does not matter whos fault it was, as long as it says Badlands on the pack they will fix it for free forever to the best of our ability. If the pack fails due to a material or craftsmanship shortcoming, they will promptly replace it. If it is not the best piece of equipment you have ever owned, Badlands will give you back your moneyno questions, no kidding. They don inchest care what happened, or whose fault it was, they will fix it for free,....forever. Because this warranty covers anything, Badlands utilizes the very best materials and construction methods. Made of its own proprietary KXO-32 fab

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