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Boeshield T-9 Lubricant Protectant

Boeshield T-9 Lubricant Protectant

Penetrates deeply, lubricates and protects inside chains, hinges, locks, assemblies. Displaces moisture?useful on wet parts, drying ignitions and electrical circuits. Penetrates metal pores and dissolves minor corrosion. Ideal for the tough saltwater marine environments. Non-conductive and will not cause short circuits. Developed by The Boeing Company, Boeshield T-9 is a superior Lubricant/Protectant. Based on a unique combination of solvents and waxes, Boeshield T-9 penetrates metal pores and dissolves minor corrosion, leaving a resilient waxy coating that lasts for many months. Ideal for the tough saltwater marine environments, T-9 lubricates and protects all metals. Boeshield works well on engines and deck hardware as well as electronics, batteries, and wiring connections. Boeshield T-9 is non-conductive and will not cause short circuits. Wont harm paints, plastics, rubber or vinyl. Attacks existing corrosion, loosens rusty parts, and protects all metals for months. Use on bicycle chains and woodworking tools, too. Made in USA.

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