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Fisher Labs F5 Metal Detector

Fisher Labs F5 Metal Detector

Combines analog and digital detection technology for top performance. Adjusts to more soil conditions than comparable detectors. Outstanding sensitivity - detects targets down to 12Easy to use and set up. Eight segment visual display - numeric target ID display, target indicators, soil mineralization, and more. Also includes four tone audio target ID feature. Packed with powerful search tools - frequency shift, threshold and gain control, discrimination, and more. Lightweight 2.9 lbs.Well-balanced S-handle with telescoping rod - adjusts for different heights. Waterproof 10 concentric elliptical search coil. Uses two 9V batteries (included)Combining the best in analog and digital metal detection technology, the Fisher Labs F5 Metal Detectors computerized operation lifts it above other detectors in its class. The F5s computerized ground balancing circuit allows it to adjust to most soil conditions with a single touch, helping users find more in difficult areas other metal detectors cant handle. This superior system also provides outstanding sensitivity, detecting targets as deep as 12, as well as offering users the ability to save their settings from one search to the next. Easy to set up and use, this multipurpose detector sports a top notch user interface that puts an entire menu of powerful features at your fingertips. The interfaces advanced eight segment visual display and audio features help users differentiate desired targets from trash. This display includes a two-digit numeric target ID display from 1-99 for probable metal type, target indicators, target confidence meter, soil mineralization, battery life indicator, and much more. Detector also features a four-tone audio ID to identify different target metals as you search. This interface also includes controls for the F5s arsenal of powerful search features, allowing users to maximize their search time. Frequency shift cancels out electrical interference, while the threshold control tunes out noise from ground minerals to h

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