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Hemingway on Hunting Hardcover Book

Hemingway on Hunting Hardcover Book

Introduction by Se?n Hemingway. Foreword by Patrick Hemingway. Includes Hemingway?s famous account of an African safari. Numerous selections from journalistic pieces for Esquire, Vogue, and more. Hardcover book. A definitive summary of a master sportsman, hunter, and writer, ?Hemingway on Hunting,? edited and with an introduction by Se?n Hemingway, is a must-have for anyone who has ever tasted the thrill of the hunt or who simply enjoys great writing. Ernest Hemingway, who had learned to load, cock, and shoot a gun by the time he was three years old, described hunting as one of his ?two well-developed talents? in addition to writing (the other being fishing). He found in hunting the virtues of courage and skill, qualities he admired greatly and would incorporate into so many other aspects of his life and work. Hunting also provided him with a model by which to explore fundamental issues of human nature.?Hemingway on Hunting? includes Hemingway?s famous account of an African safari, ?The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber? and ?The Snows of Kilimanjaro?; passages about duck hunting from??Across the River and into the Trees?; extensive selections from??Green Hills of Africa?; and numerous selections from his journalistic pieces for?Esquire,?Vogue, and others. 336 pages. Made in USA.?Killing cleanly and in a way which gives you aesthetic pleasure, and pride has always been one of the greatest enjoyments of a part of the human race. Because the other part, which does not enjoy killing, has always been more articulate and has furnished most of the good writers we have had a very few statements of the true enjoyment of killing.??-from?"Death in the Afternoon"

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