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Outcast PAC 1100 Ferrari Series Pontoon Boat

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8 out of 10 based on 1 reviews
Outcast PAC 1100 Ferrari Series Pontoon Boat

Perfect for big water and extended trips Includes padded, sliding seat with contoured back 7 inches two-piece oars. Brass oar locks Four-piece aluminum powdercoated frame with aluminum cargo deck and trolling motor mount Welded urethane air cells. Valve Type: 2-Leafield 1100 denier PVC shell construction Repair kit Inflated size: 58 inches W x 11 inches L Weight: 77 lbs. Max load capacity: 500 lbs. 10 year warranty The PAC 1100 Ferrari Series Pontoon Boat by Outcast lets anglers explore the big fish possibilities that lie beyond the waters edge. Perfect for big rivers and extended trips, the PAC 1100 Pontoon includes two cargo pockets and a cargo rack to ensure theres plenty of space to accommodate anglers prepared for everything. Designed with a lightweight, four-piece aluminum frame for improved portability, the rugged PAC 1100s tubes are made from 1100 denier PVC shells with welded seam construction and Urethane Aire. Cell material to ensure the pontoons stand tough in the most demanding fishing waters. The PAC 1100 includes virtually everything required to get on the water: padded, sliding seat with seat back, seat sling, stripping apron, two cargo pockets, two 7 inches two-piece oars, motor mount, hardware packet and repair kit. The hardware packet contains: two oar stops, two small brass oar locks, eight 2 inches cam straps, six springer clips, seat bolts, washers and two seat hinge pins. The repair kit includes: two 6 inches x 6 inches PVC material, two 6 inches x 6 inches Urethane material, leafield valve wrench, vinyl tubing adapter, three Type A adhesive patches, two alcohol prep pads and sandpaper piece.

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Outcast PAC 1100 Ferrari Series Pontoon Boat Rating: 8 out of 10 based on 1 Review

Outcast PAC 1100 Ferrari Series Pontoon Boat Reviews

Surendar wrote:

Hi I am here to give my opinion about the Outcast PAC 1100 Ferrari Series Pontoon Boat which was more useful for the users who are using this boat.It has Valve type also and it has maximum load capacity as 500 lbs.It gives PVC shell construction repair kit also to solve any problem.It have 6X6 inches. 8/10 Stars

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