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Plano Pro Max PillarLock Gun Cases

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6 out of 10 based on 1 reviews
Plano Pro Max PillarLock Gun Cases

Plano Pro-Max Pillar. Lock Gun Cases provide the ultimate in firearms protection! These crush-resistant gun cases feature the patented Pillar. Lock system, which uses molded contact points that meet when the case is closed to form inchpillarsinch for superior crush resistance. Cases feature thick walled construction, soft foam, and ergonomic, molded in handles. Heavy-duty latches and padlock tabs keep guns safe and secure in the case. Airline approved. Made in USA. Features: Pillar-Lock system for superior crush resistance. Thick wall construction. Lockable. Airline approved. Comfortable, ergonomic molded-in handle

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Plano Pro Max PillarLock Gun Cases Rating: 6 out of 10 based on 1 Review

Plano Pro Max PillarLock Gun Cases Reviews

Mike McMullen wrote:

I purchased 5 cases for my new rifles and shotguns.After I got them home, I found that one of them was missing a latch. The store is out of these cases as I had bought them out. Is it possible to get a replacement latch from Plano "Pro Max PillarLock"? 6/10 Stars

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