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Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp

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7 out of 10 based on 2 reviews
Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp

One high-power LED outputs 70 lumens of white light. Ten Blue UV LEDs Four Green LEDs. Four lighting modes. Convenient hands-free lighting. Three AAA batteries included. Waterproof and shockproof. Head tilts 90 degrees to direct light. Two-way adjustable strap. Perfect for camping, hunting, night fishing, hiking, biking and more, the Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp uses a single high-power LED to output 70 lumens of intense white light! The headlight also features ten UV LEDs plus four Green LEDs. UV LEDs are ideal for night fishing with fluorescent line and lures. Green LEDs are great for map reading or signaling, particularly in low light conditions. Because some game cant see green light, Green LEDs are also ideal for hunting. Tilt the head of the light 90 degrees in any direction. Three AAA batteries produce up to 12 hours of continuous light. Water-resistant and shock-proof, Quarrows 70-Lumen Head Lamp can cast its beam up to 70 meters. A two-way adjustable strap facilitates hands-free lighting. Soft foam padding lends added comfort against the forehead. Four lighting modes include: 1 White LED on; 10 UV LEDs on; 4 Green LEDs on; and 1 White LED in Flash mode.

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Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp Rating: 7 out of 10 based on 2 Reviews

Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp Reviews

Wifeofmike wrote:

I love this Head Lamp. Whenever I am camping this is a must have item, it's comfortable and after dark it's a must have for trekking your way to the campground restrooms. It keeps my path well lit. It also is great for kids, it allows me to keep track of them while they are on their own adventures and I don't worry as long as they are in my line of sight. 5/10 Stars

Jim wrote:

Definitely one of the better headlamps out there. It gives a very bright light over a large area so it is pretty good for any activity. I like how this one has the strap on top. It feels much more secure than with just the single band. It survived a few rainstorms, so it certainly is waterproof. Just be careful to make sure the battery compartment is perfectly closed. 9/10 Stars

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