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RedHead Blackout Compound Bow Package

RedHead Blackout Compound Bow Package

The Red. Head Blackout combines bone-melting speed with ultra-smooth performance.

We inchesve gathered the most impressive advancements of modern compound bow engineering and combined them in the Black. Out.

Features of the Redhead Blackout Compound Bow Package Include:

Throttle Cam Tech - Rotating draw length modules (Adjust draw length between 26.5 inches and 30.5 inches) - Limb-mounted bearing assembly - Highest-tolerance fully machined riser - IBO Speed: 333+ fps 80% let-off - Single Cam 3-pin sight - Hostage arrow rest - One-piece 5-arrow quiver - 5inch stabilizer - Installed string suppressor - Installed peep sight and sling.

The Throttle Cam Tech is the fastest and the most efficient single cam on the market, sending arrows screaming into your target at up to 333 fps with a whole new level of accuracy.

Parallel limbs store huge power reserves, and the whisper-quiet shot will surprise your quarry in a very deadly way. And with a 7inch brace height and 32inch axle-to-axle length, its peerless design and perfect balance make this bow a pure joy to shoot.

Color: Realtree AP. Weight: 3.8 lbs.

Package includes 3-pin sight, Hostage arrow rest, one-piece 5-arrow quiver, 5inch stabilizer, installed string suppressor, and installed peep sight and sling.

Throttle Cam Tech The fastest single cam on the market! This cam has been stripped down and rebuilt from scratch, machining it to the tightest tolerances possible for unmatched efficiency so all potential power stored in the limbs is transferred to the arrow with minimal energy drop.

Rotating Draw Length Modules Adjusting the draw length between 26.5inch and 30.5inch (in 1/2inch increments) is as simple as removing the module screws, rotating the module, and retightening it. No bow-press required!

Limb-Mounted Bearing Assembly - Most manufacturers integrate the bearing into the cam itself, which can lead to inefficient power transfer and imbalanced rotation. We inchesve placed the bearing assembly on the limb tips instead, allowing near-perfect efficiency.

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