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RedHead BlackOut Expandable Broadheads

RedHead BlackOut Expandable Broadheads

Sleek, deadly, and incredibly accurate 2-blade expandable Micro-grooved Slim. Line ferrule delivers field-point accuracy Hardened Trophy Tip punches easily through tough hide and bone Razor-sharp Diamize stainless steel blades 2inch cutting diameter creates a tremendous wound channel Sleek, deadly, and incredibly accuratethis devastating 2-blade expandable goes over-the-top in performance and dependability. Its micro-grooved Slim. Line ferrule delivers field-point accuracy; at impact, the hardened Trophy Tip punches easily through tough hide and bone, leading the way for the razor-sharp Diamize stainless steel blades. The 2inch cutting diameter creates a tremendous wound channel. 100 grain; 3 pack.

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