Protec Pro 130 Flashlight Review

This is the Protec Pro 130 Lite Flashlight. It retails for $19.99 from Dick’s Sporting goods.

As far as $20 flashlights go, this one is hard to beat. The flashlight uses one LED bulb to produce 130 lumens of light which will last 3 hours (As stated by the manufacturer) on a single AA battery.

The light beam is adjustable from a wide beam (roughly 3 feet at arms length) to a narrow beam (Palm width at arms length), through the use of a domed lens. I like the fact that there’s no possibility of opening the battery compartment while turning the lens because batteries are inserted at the base of the flashlight.

The light also integrates a strobe (pulsing light) mode which can be activated by gently pushing the rear light button while the flashlight is on, or cycled through each mode with a hard press.

The flashlight feels well made, constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, and is also waterproof. To what depth I’m not sure. I probably wouldn’t use it as a dive light, however I might just to write the review.

The waterproofing is accomplished by a rubber gasket on the unscrewable rear portion of the flashlight. I have noticed some wear on the gasket and rear threading from repeated opening.

Aluminum isn’t the hardest metal out there and aluminum threads are particularly prone to this. I’m not sure how this will effect the flashlights waterproofing abilities in the future but I would imagine a simple replacing of the very common gasket (available from any auto parts store) would fix it if it ever became an issue.

I like the fact that the power button is slightly recessed. It is still very easy to press with a finger and I don’t have to worry about it accidentally being turned on in my pocket.

There is a belt clip on the side for clipping onto a belt or anything else. The clip faces the light, making it impossible to use on the brim of a hat, although with some ingenuity you could probably flip the clip and re-position it at the head of the light if you really wanted to clip it on your hat.

The information with the light states that it has a magnetic base. I haven’t figured that out. No part of the flashlight seems to be magnetic. This however isn’t a feature I care about. I do like that the flashlight will stand up on both it’s base and it’s head.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this flashlight if you want a high powered compact light that can take both weather and rough handling. And it’s only $20!

Protec Pro 130 Flashlight
April 13, 2013
5/5 stars
The Protec Pro 130 flashlight is a great compact flashlight with a strong tactical look and feel.

the southpaw kid wrote:

I agree with everything you have said, for the price an exceptional flashlight. The magnetic base is just a earth magnet in the base surrounding the push button. I work in a metal fabrication shop, so the only purpose the magnet has served is to collect metal shavings, and very well it does i might add. So if you are in this situation i advise against it for a work flashlight. Next best thing would be the energizer tactical, also nice. Other than that the magnet has enough strength (if just enough) to hold the flashlight vertically and if needed, adjustable beam, and continuous output of light. CAN'T FEAR IT

Mike wrote:

I'd replace the batteries and not use the ones that come with the flashlight. Mine died after a few uses but new batteries have worked great.

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